Spiders Blamed for Bites at Night

Spiders have often been blamed for the bites that appear when you wake up in the morning. For many years we’d receive calls to come out and treat for the spider bites that a prospective customer received at night.

Other Possible Causes of Bites Noticed

Now spiders don’t travel in large numbers like mites or bed bugs, but neither customers nor technicians were thinking much about these two other pests a few years ago. Fleas were more recognizable as an alternative, but often the customer did not have a pet, which made you scratch your head as to why the bites. Most every time it was impossible to find the spider responsible for the spider bite. That never stopped the customer from insisting on a treatment for the spider they insisted bit them at night. If the customer called back after treatments that the technician thought were preventative in nature, because they never saw the spiders, well then the customer must really be crazy. It the technician went to a textbook, he’d come up with the ready answer: delusional parasitosis.

Bite Marks and Suspicions

While it is best to find the pest (spider, flea, mite, bed bug, even ants), when trying to find the cause for a night bite in bed, sometimes the pest just cannot be found. We look to bite patterns as a secondary method of identification. When bites are all below the knees, we suspect fleas. When there is one bite, we would suspect a spider or some other type of sore. When it is a more general skin condition, we might suspect scabies or another medical problem. When there are numerous bites across the body, sometimes like pin-pricks, we now suspect mites. When there are larger bites or sores, sometimes in patterns based on the way a person sleeps, we tend to go with the likelihood of bed bug bites

Spider Behavior and Spider Bites

Spiders are solitary creatures by nature. They don’t crawl up the bed looking for you. They have no interest in attacking humans. They derive no benefit from it. Unlike mites or bed bugs, they simply don’t suck blood. So why do they bite? They do it simply by accident as a defensive measure.

Suggestions for Dealing with Spiders

The best way of keeping spiders away from the bed is by keeping the area around your bed clean of debris. Spiders often hide out behind the headboard of the bed or under the bed. As I said, they are not interested in you. They are waiting for or searching out insects in the area. Sometime during the life of most insects, there is a stage where they branch out to new territory. This is true of spiders too. When they hatch out, spiders will scatter to new locations. This is one time they may accidently be in the bed. Another time may be if you move household items or boxes onto the bed. Some people sleep amidst an amazing amount of clutter. If this is you, do something about it.

Other Bite Culprits

But if you are receiving more than a bite or two, or if it happens over any period of time, look in other directions for the answer. Talk to a medical professional and invite a pest control professional for an inspection. But when you speak with the professional, don’t start with the statement, “I’m getting bit in my bed by spiders.” Start with the statement, “I have sores on my back and arms that I woke up with. Can you check to see if there are pests in or around my bed causing the bites?

Now we know that mites are a serious problem. We know they will travel long distances in search of a meal. There are many types of mites and they are very agresssive, adaptive and they are not always species specific in their taste for blood

Bed bugs are a serious pest of epidemic proportions that you can read about separately on this website. There are many reasons why you might have acquired bed bugs. Remember, though they bite you in bed, they may be scattered in hiding places all over your bedroom or house.

We suggest you do not attempt to self-treat. Call a professional to obtain a good identification and specification of the problem, along with treatment that is meant to be done by a professional licensed in the handling of pesticides. Check our our listings, among others.

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